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Private Traning

Advantages of Private Training:

Private training can help those who are nervous or inexperienced not only learn the language of gun owners but also the basic behavior both on and off the range.

Being a new gun owner or a gun owner that has never really had much contact with other gun owners can be intimidating to some.

Having private lessons will allow you to get comfortable and ask any question you need to without worrying about the perception of others. We were all new at one time.

I will help you get over any hurdles you feel you have and this will allow you to feel more comfortable and confident.

Another reason for private training is to have a group of family or friends around you while you train. Private training for families or within groups of friends can be a very rewarding experience.

We offer Private Training both in person and on line. Please use the contact form to reach out and schedule your private lessons.


Private Lessons

We offer all of our classes plus custom courses to anyone seeking private lessons.


Please use the contact page to let us know what training you would like to have.


On line classes are limited because there is no in person review of your techniques. There is no range time. All private lessons start at $35.00 per hour.