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SIRT Pistol

What is Laser Training, are you doing it correctly?

Laser training is one of the most beneficial ways to train. It saves you $1000’s in ammo compared to the training you are doing. There are several types of laser pistols, we use the SIRT pistol in our classes.
There are other options such as laser bullets and they work well in a double-action pistol. In single-action pistols, they work but you have to rack the slide between every shot. The real drawback with laser bullets is they wear out. Most laser pistols take years to wear down
There are some other training systems also. All of these methods save you untold money on ammunition and a lot of time. Reduced trips to the range, driving time and time away from other things you may want to be doing.
Training with a laser pistol is by far the best way to train.
Laser Training

This course is at the USCCA website but when you go to the site to schedule use the request a date button and request the date you want and we will do our best to get you that time and date or we will contact you to arrange a mutual time.

This course will cover the proper technique and fundamentals of using laser training pistols and laser bullets to practice your firearms skills without spending $1000’s in ammunition.

Here you will find my Scheduled Classes for USCCA