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Training to Defend

Self-Defense Cases!

Here we take a look at some of the self-defense cases and Videos that are mainly covered by the local news if at all.


It’s estimated that Firearms are used from 100,000 to 500,000 times a year by citizens to defend themselves or others. We will take a look at these cases to help people both understand and see that firearms are used far more for defense than for crime.




First I’m glad this worked out for the couple and they both survived the encounter. This is a situation that’s a good example of not being ready and not having a plan or immediate access to a weapon. The man in this video was doing everything he could, while the girlfriend now wife had no idea what to do. I’m not slamming her but she was not prepared for this. She went into the bedroom where the AR was but obviously didn’t know how to use it and isn’t trained. If she were, she could have helped more.


This is why we need training. The other mistake was leaving his weapon on the couch when he heard a knock at the door. He was likely assuming it was the police, but it wasn’t, the robber wanted his gun back. Never leave your weapon until you are sure it’s the police. That is the only time you surrender your weapon. If you know it’s the police and they should announce themselves then you set your weapon down and back away from it.



This case shows the importance of women being able to both have and use firearms. An enraged man is attempting to break into her home. When he does she defends herself. 



In this video a man approached an Uber Driver with a weapon drawn and once shot you can here him say I didn’t shoot you. No, he never had the chance because the Uber driver was ready for him. 

In this video we see a large man attack a much smaller man. The man try’s to defend himself with his fists to only end up pulling his gun and shooting the man who’s attacking him. The DA decides to press murder changes on not only the shooter but another women for just being present. This is the type of thing that happens when there are over zealot Prosecutors looking to get gun owners put n jail for defending themselves. The lesson here is Get Your Carry Permit, Training, and Get Self Defense Insurance.


The only reason the prosecutor feels he has a case is because this man didn’t have carry permit.

Firearms are not to be used to exert power over anyone. In this case, a man pulls a gun during a dispute only to find out his intended victim is also armed.

In this video a man is trespassing. He’s warned to leave but insted moves towards the home owner and the home owners son takes him down before he can get to them.

This shooting was ruled self defense. When you watch the video watch the man on the tractor tries to pick a fight with his neighbor then made the grave mistake of pulling a gun on him.