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TR Tactical Todd Radus

TR Tactical is located in Monroe Twp PA just outside of Dallas PA.

I’m Todd and I’m the owner and instructor at TR Tactical. I served in the Military from 1987 ti 1991 and served in the Persian Gulf War.

I have been handling firearms since I was 8 years old. Safety was the primary concern in my family and training me as a child to respect and handle firearms led me to being a life long firearms owner.

I grew up hunting with my family and when I became an adult I started to focus on self defense training. It was my opinion that of all the skills I had learned during my youth they still did not prepare me for an actual self defense situation.

I spent a lot of time training for self defense and taking courses. I have received a lot of knowledge from my on-line studies but nothing compared to in person training with instructors and others.

I not only have over 35 years of experience with firearms, I have also had to use a firearm in self defense. See the Incidents below to learn more.


Scheduled Classes Have Set Pricing. Prices Range from $25.00 up to $187.00. Additional training may cost more.

See our Scheduled Classes here:

Individual and Small Private Lessons $35.00 Per Hour Per Student.

$35.00 Per Hour Per Student up to 3 Students. Over 3 and the price is $25.00 Per Hour Per student.


Our range is a private range and not open to the general Public.

Range Time is for Students and Meetup Group Members Only.


There have been several instances in which I had to use my firearm to defend myself. Fortunately I have not had to pull the trigger to successfully use my firearm in self defense.This is one of the statistics that’s impossible to quantify.  None of these instances would be counted in FBI statistics because no shots were ever fired. This is one of the problems in understanding the value of firearms for those who have not been the victim of crimes, have knowledge of guns or have never been exposed to firearms.


These instances started when I was young and the first was the one that would shape my opinion on firearms for the rest of my life.

The First Incident:

It was 1983 and I was just a young teenager. My father was a Teacher and we lived in the neighborhood where he taught. I was trained knew where the firearms were and how to properly and efficiently use those firearms.


My father was at the school late doing parent teacher conferences. I was home alone and just laying down for bed. I heard a noise coming from the back of the house. It sounded like someone was trying to get in. I went to my fathers room and grabbed his 12g shot gun. I left the lights out so I could see outside. I saw someone messing with the window on the back side of the house. I stayed out of sight and called the police.


The dispatcher asked me if I could see the person, I stuck my head around the corner leading with the shotgun.


I saw he was playing with the window and he looked at me. He must have seen me and likely the shotgun and took off. When I told the dispatcher that he took off when he saw me she told me the police were almost there. This was the lesson that would stick with me my entire life. 

The Second Incident:

This was in 1992, I had recently been discharged from the military and had bought a .38 revolver and had a carry permit. I had two roommates and I stopped to see them on the way home. She was a waitress at a bar and her and her boyfriend were there. When I got there he was on his way out and I sat down to grab something to eat. She joined me on and off and I stopped to let her know I was headed back to the house and left.


I noticed that 3 guys followed me out of the bar and got in their car parked on the other side of the lot while I was pulling out of the lot. (This is called situational awareness.) Your not running around paranoid you just keep aware of whats going on around you. I also had an odd feeling about them.


They followed me back to the house and pulled in behind my car so I couldn’t pull back out of the driveway. They got out yelling something about me harassing this one guys girlfriend. I had never talked to anyone other then my roommate and they were obviously drunk.


There were three guys in total and each had a bat. They were yelling how they were going to cave my head in. As they approached I pulled my gun out and showed it to them. They started yelling “He’s got a Gun” and ran back to their car speeding off.


One gun against three bats still gave me the advantage there is no other self defense tool that can do that. Again, I didn’t have to fire a shot.

Other Incidents:

I was a cab driver for a while and carried my gun every time I drove. I used my firearm to stop one robbery attempt and showed my firearm to another client that was trying to physically assault me because he didn’t want to pay the fair.



In another instance I had someone illegally hunting my property. When I approached him he drew his hunting knife on my. I just lifted my shirt showed him the pistol and told him to sheath the knife. He did and ended up being found guilty of trespassing.

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