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My MantisX Training System Experience
 Ordering the System
MantisX is a training system for firearms used by the Military, Law Enforcement, and many others to refine and improve a shooter’s skills and proficiency. The system can be mounted to just about any firearm and has been expanded to rifles and Shotguns.
I’m combining mine with my SIRT Laser Training Pistol, and I will be using this for indoor training with my students. I decided on the X3 System to start with. There are currently 4 Systems available.
X10 Elite
New! For beginner to advanced handgun and rifle shooters (dry fire only)
NEW! For beginner to advanced handgun and rifle shooters
NEW! For beginner to combat, elite handgun, rifle, and shotgun shooters
NEW! For competitive shotgun shooters
I opted for the X3 system for two reasons. I see the benefit to the X10, but my goal is to have a system that is geared towards the average shooter. The person who wants to be proficient and have the confidence to safely carry a firearm for self-defense.
The X2 is similar to the X3 but only does dry fire training. The X3 we can take to the range also. The X10 is good for 3 gun shooters. Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun. Since our main focus at TR Tactical is handgun concealed carry and home defense, the X3 will be the main system I will need. Most of my current students are primarily interested in pistol training. Therefore, I chose the X3 as the test system.
I ordered my system directly from the MantisX website. It’s also available on eBay and Amazon. I went to the site and Ordered the System, a laser bullet, and the Smart Targets that work with the MantisX laser training app that is free for both Apple and Android. They also have the Laser Acadamy training system you can purchase that comes with everything you need to laser train. I intend to use laser training in combination with the X3 system. I want to make a note here. Most Autoloader Pistols use a single-action style trigger. Glocks and S&W are two very popular firearms that are mainly sold in single action only. If you’re laser training with a single-action pistol, you must rack the slide each time you want the striker or hammer to fall, engage the firing pin, and set off the laser. That limits the trigger pull to one time before you need to rack the slide again.
Some firearms like the Taurus PT/G Series are double action and make practicing with a laser bullet much easier. I, however, use a SIRT pistol in class, so this is the laser pistol I use to train both myself and students with. I bought the laser bullet to show students their options and how they work.
Follow this series of posts for the next Article, which will be Unboxing and setup.


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